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hensley1SandMold’s overall foundry efforts are solidly backed by a network of knowledgeable agents working with its technically oriented inside sales and engineering staffs to provide high tech solutions to foundry facility problems in all the major operational areas (melting, molding, coremaking, finishing, and sand reclamation), all the way from initial concept engineering to building, fabricating, installing, and commissioning the entire plant. SandMold has a complete foundry production line of conveyors, feeders, elevators, plate feeders, Handy Sandys, aerators, automatic pouring ladles, pneumatic transporters, and hensley2mold handling systems. As a result, individual components can be furnished along with the entire system.

Recent Projects:
• Hensley Industries
• Neenah Foundry
• Northstar
The total customer list includes more than 630 of the leading
companies in the industry.


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