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FoundrySandMold Systems is proud of its reputation as one of the foundry industry's leading single source engineering companies. This recognition has been earned by providing the industry with proven intelligently engineered systems for all phases of the casting process and operation. This is especially in the area of sand handling and sand preparation.

SMS engineering has the capacity and capabilities to study, plan, upgrade and modify existing facilities. We apply the latest in technology and know how required to design systems that will meet the rigid production demands necessary to enable foundries to compete in a world market.

SMS has the in depth experience of successfully designing, fabricating, installing, erecting and commissioning all size systems from small jobbing shops, to the most sophisticated high production automated operations. A review of our long list of satisfied customers bears out our diversified engineering capabilities.

SMS, in engineering and preparation and sand handling systems, understands that "good sand" is the blood-line of the foundry, regardless of the size or type of foundry operation. Therefore efficient preparation and delivery of the highest quality sand to the mold or core making operation is the only way to ensure the production of the type of castings needed to meet the stringent production demands of today's modern foundry. SMStakes these facts into consideration when designing the best and most cost effective sand handling/and preparation systems attainable to meet the customers requirements.

12 Ways We Make Your Foundry Life Enjoyable...

  • Complete Sand Handling Systems
  • Sand Reclamation Systems
  • Mold Handling Systems
  • Individual Components for Sand & Mold Handling
  • Core Room Systems
  • Casting Handling Systems
  • Engineering Services
  • Installation Services
  • Complete Turnkey Installations
  • Automatic Pouring Ladles
  • Dust Conditioning
  • Integrated Control Systems

Even the most modern of metal casting processes impose harsh conditions (such as fumes, dust, abrasive particles, and high-mass impact), which can profoundly affect the reliability and performance of equipment and systems. Our experience in providing heavy-duty materials handling, sand preparation, and sand quality control systems assures optimum performance and reliability.This means minimum downtime due to system maintenance or, worse yet, system failure due to inadequate design parameters, equipment, and controls.

For Quality Sand Handling and Sand Preparation Systems, ...Your Best Choice Is SandMold Systems, Inc.

Successful foundries make the most efficient use of their resources. Even the largest blue-ribbon companies rarely have that unique combination of talent and multifaceted experience to avoid potentially costly risk exposure in the evaluation and selection of production equipment, let alone the design and installation of a modern foundry system.

That's why many of the industry's leading foundries invariably protect their hard-earned reputations and competitive positions by enlisting the services of SandMold Systems to optimize the return on their plant improvement dollars.

Quality Sand = Quality Castings

Quality SandYou don't need us to tell you that high quality castings at maximum production rates with minimum scrap requires quality sand. The reason you need us is to engineer the most practical, cast-effective system to achieve the level and control of sand quality required for your specific  applications. From the smallest job shop to the largest automated multi-line facility, we are equally dedicated to helping you achieve a competitive edge.

Need a New Facility?

In planning the design of a completely new facility, each phase of the operation requires critical attention. This includes sand storage for new, used, and reclaimed sand, conveyor and pneumatic sand handling systems, and production equipment, including sand mixers, molding and coremaking machines, shakeout systems, and cleaning room equipment.

We also design and construct foundations, walkways, handrails, stairways, service platforms, and dust collection and control devices. Also, in addition to overall system control, we provide the most effective, production-proven methods to control sand quality, including temperature, moisture content, permeability, strength characteristics, and other properties necessary to your specific molding and coremaking applications.

We Improve Existing Systems

It is often more cost effective to upgrade an existing sand preparation and handling system. This requires documentation of your specific sand requirements, as well as each phase of your molding / coremaking production facility. If an upgrade is justified, we provide a practical, cost effective modification to achieve an optimum system which fully meets the specifications we mutually establish for your project.  In this way, we are able to assure an efficient and reliable system to yield the maximum return on your investment.

You Can Depend On SandMold for...

  • Practical and Professional Engineering
  • Quality Components and Controls
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Maximum Return on Investment

A proven track record is the best gauge of performance and our track record is a long list of leading foundries that return to us time and time again for a wide range of services.

A Case History That Makes The Case

SandMold Systems, Inc. recently designed, fabricated, and installed a complete system for a large iron foundry that required improvement of its sand handling, molding, melting and casting operations. The result is a system that produces more than 20 tons of high quality castings per hour. This was accomplished with minimum modification of existing facilities, a minimum of production downtime, and, equally important, on schedule.

The result is another addition to our track record of satisfied customers whose projects were delivered on time and within budget. In short, we are a service dedicated company where promises made are promises kept.