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Speed Compounder

Quality Paste for Quality Batteries

paste prep plantSMS technology delivers the   most consistent performance with the most precise control for battery paste production.

Speed Compounder for BatteriesIntroducing the most reliable, most advanced, most expertly designed paste mixing system on the market: The SMS Series III Speed Compounder.

This paste mixing system encompasses advanced features that other systems can only hope to emulate in the future. SMS offers it to you today.

With it, you get state of the art PLC Control Systems and our patented SMS Batch Saver Circuitry, which incorporates precise, automatic control. You get built-in automated formula correction. And you can get it with our color CRT and graphics -- the most sophisticated in the industry.

Add pneumatically operated gates, doors and dampers and the combination produces one single built: unequaled consistency of paste properties - batch after batch after batch.

Expertise and experience. These are the qualities that enable us to produce the world’s best most complete line of paste mixing equipment available in the industry today